Emma Gonzalez

Women of Puerto Rico

Boricua Essence 1920-1950

Curated by Nitza Tufiño

Queen – leader, responsible for well-being and security
Mother – Giver of life, who maintains humanity
Lover – manifests energy and fertility, vision and values
Wise – a woman of profession, teacher, lawyer

Emma Gonzalez, using Carl Jung’s female archetypes, sheds light on the multiple dimensions of Boricua women. Her paintings also show us the Puerto Rican woman in her connection to the divine and the mystical: that which unifies all in the mystery of the universe and makes us all members of the human race. For Boricua women, like their counterparts in the world, life is a history of struggle and defeat, and also of accomplishments and triumphs.
Emma focuses her art particularly as an expression of love for the female experience. She is currently a participating artist at the RT Printshop Collective at Taller Boricua, led by Director and Master Printer Nitza Tufiño and Executive Director Marcos Dimas.
Emma’s artistic transformation took place when she was invited to exhibit her art at Galeria Belkis Ayón in La Habana, Cuba. Later, several of her works were part of an exhibit with Cuban and other Latin American artists at Centro de Referencia, ACLIFIM.
Her first work of art, “Tierra,” (Earth) surged from an intense curiosity and the spontaneous desire to express her feminine essence and her intimate wishes through the arts. Without formal training, she began to exhibit her work with other artists in support of social causes.
Emma I. Gonzalez was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico and is based in New York. Emma has dedicated her life and work to the transformation of human beings through teaching social-emotional concepts, strategies, and skills. She has worked with children, youth and adults, mostly in public schools. Her focus has been a progressive and holistic education utilizing concepts and theories by masters like Paulo Freire. Emma has a Doctorate in Education (Behavioral Sciences) from the University of Massachusetts.

Artist Talk Saturday, March 9, 2019 (2:30-6pm)

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Re-envisioning Sustainability, Economic Freedom and Independence for Puerto Rico


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