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The opening of the Taller Boricua’s Printshop Gallery Store has arrived—a long-awaited intention, developed to generate income for exhibiting artists and program-funding for the Taller Boricua. Throughout Taller’s long history, the sale of original Post Modern showcased work has always been a financial challenge due to its affordability and spatial limitations. In today’s competitive online retail market, digital technology has pioneered outstanding new opportunities in selling original works of art, along with affordable archival reproductions.

As an Arts and cultural non-profit organization, whose history dates back to 1969, the Taller Boricua is one of the last surviving original Nuyorican cultural enclaves in New York City. Its long-standing recognition and support are now rebranding to sustain itself financially and independently, along with and very importantly, it’s exhibiting and still living artists.

Because of art’s subjective nature, the Store at Taller Boricua has developed an online visual selection polling component that allows international viewers to select their favorite preferences to guide the selection process for its Special Limited Editions series.

Online store product availability will be timely measured in adapting the required workload to maintain and evolve its sales production capabilities.
Original Works will also be timely introduced to provide high-quality online viewing presentations and historiographical data from Taller Boricua’s Timeline resource Library.
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