May 20, 2022 – Closing Sept. 16, 2022


Centennial Celebration
Saturday Sept. 10, 2022 (2pm)
Taller Boricua Gallery

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Taller Boricua Gallery NYSWA 2022
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Evolution / Revolution

Curated by Nitza Tufiño

Gallery Viewing on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 

Viewing Hours : 12pm to 6pm


The collective challenges that women face recur over time. Are they ever fully overcome? As the New York Society of Women Artists approaches Its 100th year, the organization, which has increased more than twofold, reflects vast diversity in the backgrounds and experiences of its artists similar to those of its founding mavericks. Though inhabiting a very different contemporary world, the present day multigenerational, multiethnic society still finds itself championing causes and concerns comparable to those of its 1920’s Suffragette predecessors. In March 2022 in honor of Women’s History Month, the New York Society of Women Artists will launch its Centennial theme by presenting the exhibition Evolution Revolution at the prestigious Taller Boricua. In this exhibition, NYSWA illustrates the power of art to underscore the statement framed by the question “Are equalities earned once and for all, or will the continuous erosion of rights obtained require constant vigilance and fortification?”

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The need to look both backward and forward is imperative. Women artists have struggled insistently, vociferously and with the force of their amazing talents to seek equality in a world in which the triumphs obtained today are constantly at risk of being lost tomorrow. The soaring benchmarks women have achieve within the last century are Indisputable; more than ever, contemporary women artists have garnered recognition in the world of galleries, museums, auctions, and competitions. These achievements must not be taken for granted. Continuous reinforcement and resolute advocacy on the part of women artists must be the rule. For almost 100 years, NYSWA has consistently maintained such measures in their advocacy for equality and in the multi-ethnic, multi-racial voices of its Caucasian, Asian, Black and LatinX members.

Likewise, this exhibition is a reminder that the freedom to work in a multitude of approaches within a genre was once restricted to female artists; accepted subject matter was primarily limited to representational portraits and landscapes. Once again, driven by an avant-garde mentality, today’s women artists of NY- NA consistently take free license to work unrestricted using the materials and practices previously allotted only to their male counterparts. While they fearlessly incorporate and elevate traditionally feminine skills, they consistently integrate them in a contemporary context. It is with great diversity of backgrounds, points of view, visual vocabulary, and sophisticated skill that the New York Society of Women Artists maintains its focus to assert, hold, and gain new ground.


Commemorating the observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta · Susana Aldanondo · Kelynn Z. Alder · Ellen Alt · Audrey Anastasi · Barbara Arum · Fran Beallor · Caroline Bergonzi · Lindy Blanchard · Deborah Brand  · Alexandra Rutsch Brock
Pam J. Brown· Linda Butti · Pamela Casper · Rose Deler · Diana Freedman-Shea · Lynne Friedman · Natalie Giugni · Lauren Gohara · Betsy Goldberg · Carol Gromer · Sheila Hecht · Benice Horowitz · Lori Horowitz · Suejin Jo · Jerilyn Jurinek· Karen L. Kirshner · Sueim Koo

EL MUSEO DEL BARRIO:  September 12, 2020 – January 17, 2021

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Taller Boricua Gallery

1680 Lexington Ave.

New York, NewYork, 10029

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Taller Boricua Board of  Directors

Marcos Dimas

Executive Director

Dan Comas

Chairman of the Board

Nitza Tufiño


Jose Carrero


Ethan Casey

Humberto Cintron

William Cruz Colon

Roger Hernanadez

All programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development, UMEZ Cultural Aid Fund for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, and the Office of NYC Council Deputy Speaker, Hon. Diana Ayala.