Anna Kuchel Rabinowitz

Object 2

2018, Mixed media collage-found object, porcelain clay

10″(H) x 10″(W) x 1/2″(D)

Object 2 – This is part of a continuing series in which I use the word “object” as a verb. Much of my work focuses on the boundary between personal (private) and public space. This particular piece is an objection to the horror in which one’s home is ripped open either by war or natural disaster, exposing all that is precious like honey oozing out of its cell. It is a collage consisting of images of the war-damaged buildings in Homs, Syria framing a found photograph of an angelic baby whose face reflects both trust and apprehension. The baby’s lacy blanket mimics the pattern of the rubble of a city in ruins.

Video short: Anna Kuchel Rabinowitz

NYSWA: Anna Kuchel Rabinowitz