Women on the Edge of Time

Audrey Anastasi


Charcoal drawing and mixed media collage on watercolor paper_29″(H) x 22″(W)


You see a young woman looking directly at you. Appearing among the seemingly random collage elements, on her cheek is the image of a hand and within that hand appears a map of the world.  What does the hand upon the face say to the viewer?  Does it suggest a gentle touch or a stinging imprint, or a complicated world of both?

The elements of work may suggest a specific time, location, or situation, but the metaphorical content transcends those particulars. It reaches across time, place, ethnicity, and culture to reveal universal emotions. Although a work of art is an inanimate object, it can elicit empathy and become a powerful catalyst for change.

Instagram Post by  audreyanastasi_art

Instagram Post by  audreyanastasi_art