Fran Beallor

Dead Horse Bay Series: Losing My Marbles

2018 Oil on Board 18″(H) x 24″(W)

In my Dead Horse Bay series, the subject is landfill trash washed up on the shores of Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn. My guide to this incredible locale was a good friend and seasoned mudlarker, Mike Feller, wetlands reclamation project coordinator and former chief naturalist for the City of NY. After making several trips to the site, joining fellow scavengers combing through the sand to collect ocean-loosened 1950s landfill treasures (aka trash), I knew that I needed to immortalize this unique and bizarre phenomenon. Depicting objects falling, floating, or flying in a mysterious, ambiguous manner of suspended animation adds lightness and humor to an otherwise serious concern. By sharing my fascination with the tossed-off junk of our society, I hope to draw attention to the condition of our world and to the effects of a disposable culture.

Video Short by Fran Beallor

NYSWA: Fran Beallor