Women on the Edge of Time

Linda Butti

St. Francis-Woodlands

2021 Oil on canvas 40 (H) x 30 (L)

Women on the Edge of Time
What concerns me most about “Edge of Time” is preserving our nature…specifically trees.
We need to nourish and take care of our trees…especially those of us who live in an urban environment. Trees connect us to our spiritual selves and more practically – help us to live on this planet!
We need their oxygen and shade protection and we need their beauty. Humans are intertwined as the roots of trees are. We are intertwined with them. We cannot survive without them.
As a citizen pruner, I take care of trees on my block in Staten Island. It is dismaying to see people buy houses here and then cut their trees down- many of them illegally.
I am an advocate for trees and I spend my time walking in the many nature areas and parks…. I breathe in the marvelous air they give us and get a glimpse into the world beyond to which we are connected.
We need trees to survive!
Linda Butti

Video Short by Linda Butti

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