Women on the Edge of Time

Lori Horowitz

Sitting in the Shadows

2021, aluminum wire, black wire mesh, and shadow 36″(H) x 24″(W) x 24″(D


In the Exodus series, the delicate nature of humanity is portrayed through these ephemeral forms, creating haunting shadows as important as the physical beings. Capturing body language, gesture and expression and how they relate to emotion and character, are reflective of the human condition exposed in these works. Sculptures of wire mesh reveal figures whose existence is precarious. “Sitting in the Shadows” represents a time and place of isolation, where home and assimilation are important social issues relevant to our current climate. Many people have suffered loss due to political, financial and social displacement. Insensitivity, selfishness and disregard for one another, reveal an unnerving indifference that much of society embraces. By penetrating façades we look deeply into this transparent figure seeing the effects of quarantine, loneliness, gender and loss of community. We are all one species, equally vulnerable and must stand together to find the place, belonging and comfort in these uncertain times.
The physical creation of this sculpture was quite challenging. The concept of creating a sculpture that mimics its shadow is the intent of this sculpture. Creating the figures in aluminum wire is part of my familiar practice. Cloaking it with this black mesh skin was the difficult part. This painstaking process took innumerable hours of sewing and folding bending one sheet of black mesh screen into a penetrable façade. In the end, I accomplished what I set out to do and this sculpture reveals the struggle it often takes to reach your goals.

Lori Horowitz

Video Short by Lori Horowitz

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