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Marcos Dimas

Kicks Iron

Original Charcoal Drawing on Paper 40” x 28” | 2020

Unframed | Professional framing available on request


Marcos Dimas  “Dialog with the Wind” 2020 at Taller Boricua

My work consists of concepts and gestures derived from images to evoke the past and the present ways of seeing. The series titled "Dialog with the Wind" is a stream of consciousness in a dialog with Nature and its ancestral Spirits. I began the series in March 2020 during the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. First, I selected a half-filled sketchbook from the 1970s and started a section for 2020. Original large scale drawings in charcoal, Coraphite, and ink measure 40" x 76".

This series will be available as a super extra limited-edition special. It is inspired to be a reaction to the existing situations with the difficulties of the year 2020. This offer is my way to thank you all for your support throughout the years.
Marcos Dimas December 2020 for a private screening.

Limited Edition of Kicks Iron

Marcos Dimas Original Charcoal Drawing on Paper
22” x 17” | 2020
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