Women on the Edge of Time

Maureen Renahan-Krinsley

The Lurking Beast among Beauty

2020, Mixed Media painting, cold wax, oil paint, graphite, collage on canvas_4′(H) x 5′(W)

The painting, “The Lurking  Beast Among Beauty “, is a large canvas grid. The painting is examining life on earth now. There is a reference to Covid-19 since deforestation has contributed to its development. 
Amid the beauty of floating shells and the natural flora, the painting imposes a juxtaposition of plastic particles floating across the picture plane; the ocean of grids. It is examining climate change, deforestation and their impact on our ocean life. There are floating turtles encased in plastic particles in this painting.
Half of the world’s sea turtles have ingested plastic or human trash. Millions of sea life have died. Plastic is petroleum-based and not degradable. Little microscopic bits of plastic degrade and get eaten by turtles. They mistake plastic floating objects, for example, bags for jellyfish. This painting is made with degraded plastic and cold wax.
This is a detail of my painting. Much of my work refers to our natural environment as I hold it dear. It is very disturbing to see how much damage humans are imposing on it. But here the focus is on plastic and sea life.
As a US citizen, who has a home in the BVI, I am very aware of the ocean and have seen extreme changes like Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm in The BVI, which was catastrophic to our islands.
 In the painting climate change is the lurking beast among beauty. 
 It is a mixed media painting containing cold wax medium, oil paint, graphite, oil sticks, collage elements, discarded plastic. It has been painted during my isolation during 2020.

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