Women on the Edge of Time

Rachelle Weisberger


2019, Acrylic on canvas 20″(H) x 18″(W)  NFS

Geometric shapes–circles and triangles–combine with shades of yellow, rose, violet and red to convey the emotive qualities of my painting,  Journey.  Delicately blended layers of cool colors and warm tones intensify as they lead the eye to the focal point of the composition. Circles, representing wholeness, reflect my life as an artist and a woman. They mark my passage through life cycles, and my growth as a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. Piercing the inner circle is the triangle, a symbol of power and strength as it directs its energy towards love and light to create exquisite harmony.

Video short: Rachelle Weisberger

NYSWA: Rachelle Weisberger