Women on the Edge of Time

Siena Gillann Porta

The Sixth Extinction

2020, Black theatrical scrim, photo-collage, mylar tapes, acrylic pigment
82″(H) x 30″(W) x 3/4″(D)

My artwork titled “The Sixth Extinction” relates to the global issues of accelerated climate change (caused in part by chemical pollution) rainforest devastation, habitat destruction, the consequent spread of invasive species and water resource mismanagement, among others, that impacts all life on our beautiful planet Earth. I’ve used a linear chart form with photo-collage to show how recent our arrival has been in geologic time. It may be up to us if we, homo sapiens as a species, stay here!

Video short: Siena Gillann Porta

NYSWA: Siena Gillann Porta