Women on the Edge of Time

Susana Aldanondo


2021_Acrylic on canvas_36″(H) x 24″(W)

Inspired by the tango of the same title, the lyrics of this tango inspired me to make this painting to honor all women in the world, but particularly transgender women, because I believe that we know so little about the struggles and difficulties they face, we need to shed light on the issues that affect transgender women, and ensure they too, have access to the same rights and protections the rest of women have access too. They need to be included and be a part of our talks when we talk about women’s issues. A representative of the struggles, fights for rights, nostalgia, failed love, good-bye’s, experienced by women, in the personal experience of each woman, as well as in the world and society, as has been the case historically for women all over the world.
Susana is an abstract expressionist artist based in NYC. 
Finding her own artistic voice within abstract expressionism, through years of practice and determined exploration of her own style, Susana’s work has developed into an energetic dance of colors and space. 
The consistency through the years within her work is perceived by others as Aldanondo’s unique signature style.
Most of her work is inspired by music: tango & jazz, as she feels them both deeply rooted in her identity, she echoes the chaos in life through gestural abstraction, splattered and dripped paint, large and thin strokes, straight lines and loose curvilinear forms, she creates movement and energy that stand out in her paintings. The energy and movement reflect on Susana’s main source of inspiration: music. Susana”s inspiration is found in the fusion of music, past memories, current events, and resilience.

Video Short:  Susana Aldanondo

Video Short:  Susana Aldanondo