Women on the Edge of Time

Lea Weinberg


2010, Wire mesh with mixed media, metal frame
33″(H) x 24″ (W) x 4″(D)

A woman artist is a mother in her essence, constantly giving birth to her new creations (it can often take even more than nine months…) She is a part of a very big family- the Art world. Some women artists find it difficult to separate from their “newborn” artwork.
Separating Mothers from their Children is inhumane! It was heartbreaking to see the cruel 2020 immigration policy at the US-Mexico border. Seeing the separation between innocent mothers and their young children was unbearable for me. Being a daughter of two Holocaust Survivors, I felt the pain of my mother who lost her mother and all her family during WWII.

Many of my sculptures have touched the motherhood theme with a motif of Togetherness. That is the relationship that my mother, Paula, shared with her 3 daughters, till her last day on earth. Separating from her left me a void but we are inseparable forever by spiritual cords.

MOM’S FOOD is about the unending connection and caregiving of a mother to her child which starts when he is still inside her womb as an embryo. The embryo’s food is from the mother’s blood, and after birth, it is her nursing milk, both supplied from the mother.

I created a semi-abstract, semi-transparent wire mesh female figure, that one can see through her internal organs. Two embryos are outside her body connected with cords. One red to the belly bottom and a golden one to the nipple- the two mother’s food suppliers. Even when the child is outside his mother, they are still attached, staying emotionally connected forever.

Video short: Lea Weinberg

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