Wilfredo Correa, Curator

Sandra Maria Esteves, Diana Gitesha Hernandez and Clare Ultimo

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Taller Boricua presents the visual works of three Nuyorican poets. Their words transposed into the realms of art, reflect the emotional and universal themes of wonder, love and understanding. Their activism in the Nuyorican cultural movement gave roots to their creative interpretations of personal identity and self-expression. The exhibit covers a wide timeline of styles and mediums that have always been concurrent with their poetic voices.

Artists Talks Saturday April 16 (3-6pm)

Sandra Maria Esteves

Poet and Visual Artist, Sandra María Esteves, works in various media and styles that reflect celebrations of turquoise oceans, seashells, rainforests, wide banana-leaf horizons, Spanish guitars and African drums in counterpoint to urban realism. In the evolution of her vision, Ms. Esteves’ inspirations emerge as metaphoric windows and nature studies explored through a Latina aesthetic. Each work is another creative child claiming its place in the bright Caribbean sun with the flavors and music of her Boricua Dominican Nuyorican cultural inheritance. They are safe-havens alive with light, color and form. Sandra’s premise is that art and creativity are the antithesis to violence and destruction. Akin to the Godly act, these artworks are her creation story. She explores identity through female sensibilities beyond traditional signposts, each artwork a view into the medicinal mysteries of creative form.  http://www.sandraesteves.com

Diana Gitesha Hernandez

Hernandez’s art is intimate and has a vibe that ponders the existential question of the sages: who are we, how did we get here and why are we here?  In her paintings and printmaking she seems to ebb out a secret garden, a time free zone that seems other-worldly that she invites her viewer to experience. Her work reflects women as prime creator, goddess under-dog, mother, lover and key-holder of the secrets of life.  Her Puerto Rican/Latina and native Taino heritage is demonstrated in her choices of images and bold radiant colors, which she unabashedly juxtaposes in an array of styles, Fauvism, German and Abstract Expressionistic styles while retaining an naive, urban, jazzy and often poetic sensibility.  Her paintings are created in acrylic, mixed media and oil, while her prints are in techniques of colagraph, dry-point etchings, serigraphs.
She has  been labelled a Renascence woman and besides being a poet, performance artist, jazz singer, she is also a licensed massage therapist and counselor, with a M.S. Ed.  She believes that these role provide dimension and depth to her work, like rivers that flow to the sea.   She is currently working on printmaking series a Taller Boricua’s Rafael Tufiño Printmakers Workshop.

Clare Ultimo

Clare Ultimo is a multidisciplinary artist and spiritual activist born in Brooklyn, NY. She is interested in the cross section between sacred geometry and symbol, the spoken word, and the world of spirituality. Once known as the “slamMama” of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (1999-2008), she is author of the first online multimedia history of Nuyorican Slam, “Verbs On Asphalt”. Her video “Inner Dialogue” is part of a permanent collection in the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, Italy.
She founded a communication design studio in NYC in 1987 focusing on social and ecological responsibility.  Clare has  an MFA in Integrated Media Arts and, among other things, now teaches Media Arts at BMCC and Hunter College.
www.clareultimo.com • clare@clareultimo.com

Wilfredo Correa, Curator

Wilfredo Correa is a multimedia artist and visionary activist who is on a consciousness awakening mission. As a founding member of the first incarnation of Nuyorican Poets Café in 1974, his immersion into the world of music, theater, dance, poetry and visual arts, afforded him a unique reservoir of multi-disciplinary art experiences that he continues to build upon. His lifelong dedication in professional audio, music and multi-media digital development are key components in all his creative endeavors. His intuitive staging and presentation skills are aimed at not only capturing your attention but your innate interest that allows one to enter a realm in which to meld into and experience the higher purpose of it.
In spite of our society’s current indebted servitude slavery system that drains our creative treasures dry, the three selected poets/artist all share a remarkable ability in remaining connected with their potential source energy. Correa’s intention in this exhibit is to re-inspire and re-awaken the creative potentiality that lays dormant in many of our struggling artists today so as to manifest the true calling of what it really means to be an artist.
“It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword, and so by extension, ART, used wisely as a medium for self-expression and humanitarian justice is a profound and powerful tool to possess and master.”
(W. Correa)






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